Mediation is an effective tool to end a lawsuit; or, better yet, to prevent one from occurring.  Mediation helps the parties resolve their disputes through a confidential, facilitated negotiation process.  By choosing to reconcile a dispute through mediation, the parties control the process and the ultimate resolution is their decision, not that of a third party arbitrator, judge or jury.

Even if mediation fails to produce an overall settlement, the parties can use early mediation to narrow issues in dispute, thereby minimizing the costs of litigating issues that are resolvable by mutual agreement.  In a mediation, there are no losers, only winners.

As an experienced neutral, I understand the various complexities of mediation.  My years of experience enable me to facilitate reconcilliation between the parties by building upon areas of common agreement.  I challenge the parties and their attorneys to think critically about the disputes, potential outcomes, their business objectives, as well as the risks attendant to litigation.  My goal in mediation is to move the parties toward a consensual, cost-effective resolution of their dispute.