Litigation, while sometimes necessary, has become progressively more complex and expensive particularly in commercial cases. New technology and the ever increasing use of computers has dramatically increased the cost of discovery, specifically of Electronically Stored Information (called ESI).  New court rules have accelerated the timing of discovery disclosures.  Court case management compels litigants to move cases forward within relatively strict time frames.  As a result, litigation is becoming a field of dispute resolution that large companies can afford, but smaller companies and businesses find litigation burdensomely expensive.

Stratton Law & Mediation seeks to resolve cases first by negotiation and mediation.  In matters where a lawsuit has been initiated, the firm specializes in representing smaller litigants to achieve cost-effective resolutions through early strategic planning.  Stratton Law & Mediation's goal is to focus on which issues are important to resolve, what discovery is necessary and, most importantly, when to settle to avoid unnecessary legal fees and costs.  The firm strives to represent its clients in litigation through careful analysis, litigation strategy and an eye on cost-effectiveness.  The firm's aim is to achieve a client's goal in litigation without having to resort to a scorch-the-earth approach to achieve that goal.